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Francesco Bellissimo's Booking Agency

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Francesco Bellissimo


Francesco Bellissimo, born in Rome, Italy in 1979, is a businessman, professional entertainer, olive oil sommelier, and Italian culinary expert and consultant. He is the CEO of BILLIONAIRE INC, as well as the President of the Italian Cooking Association in Japan. While studying at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rome, he volunteered for the military.After graduating from the Cesano Infantry School, he moved to Japan in 2001. Although he was a mere foreign student with neither money, language skills, nor business/personal connections, he never ceased to brush up “Sasou Gijutsu”, (asking/inviting somebody to do something together) and have succeeded networking with everyone he met. His cooking class which started with only a few students has now become very popular and his career as entertainer is flourishing. He has made appearances on “Tetsuko no Heya” and “Gyoretsu no dekiru houritsu soudansho”, not to mention many magazines. Acting as a bridge between Italy and Japan, he regularly appears on TV shows and cooking performances, hosts talk shows and lectures and is often featured in magazines and seen in advertisements .


Francesco Bellissimo Chef Promo
Francesco Bellissimo Chef Acquapazza in HD
Francesco Bellissimo Chef in Akita Castle Holel
Francesco Bellissimo Chef in The New Hotel Kumamoto

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